How to Save Money When Relocating Your Trucking Company’s Fleet

If you run a trucking company, there is a good chance that your business has multiple trucks. If your trucking company is moving to a new location, then you might be planning on moving all of your trucks to the new location. Of course, there are going to be costs that go along with doing this, and you could be looking for ways to reduce these costs. You may find that you can ship your company's fleet for a fraction of the cost if you follow these tips.

Use a Commercial Truck Relocation Service

First of all, if you think that shipping your trucks yourself is going to be the cheaper option, you should know that this often is not true. You have to worry about all of the costs that go along with doing this, from paying drivers to paying for fuel and tolls. When you run the numbers, you might find that using a commercial truck relocation service is actually cheaper than hauling your trucks yourself. Naturally, this does depend on the specific truck relocation service that you use, but overall, this is usually a cost-effective option.

Use the Relocation Service's Insurance

It's true that moving your trucks with the help of a relocation service is a good way to cut down on wear and tear or damage to your trucks during the relocation process. It's also true that you should be able to count on a relocation service to handle your trucks in the best way possible, thus cutting down on the chances of wear and tear and damage. However, you should still be prepared for anything that might happen. You might be thinking about purchasing transport insurance to protect your trucks while they're being transported, but this cost might not be necessary. Instead, ask about whether or not the relocation service offers insurance. If they do, you can feel good in knowing that your trucks are protected, but you won't have to shell out the extra money to pay for this protection yourself.

Move Them All at Once

If at all possible, you may want to move all of your commercial trucks at one time. Some companies have trucks and trailers that can haul more than one truck at a time. If you make use of this, then you might not have to pay as much to move your trucks. Plus, you'll probably like getting all of your trucks moved at one time, since this can help you get your trucking company set up in its new location more quickly.